Special offer

Are you curious about your health stats beyond the scale?


In our private training center we have biometric device that analyzes your body composition in less than 15 seconds. It is called the InBody 270. 


The results you will receive

  • Body fat %                  

  • Skeletal mass

  • Muscle mass

  • Body weight

  • and more


Now just having stats about your body isn't going to get you anywhere closer to a healthier body.


That's why we want to sit down with you to clarify the results from the InBody and give you a packet of nutrition information and home workouts that you can start ASAP!


Full price would normally be over $40.


But, we want to offer you a special offer for coming here!


The InBody test, nutrition info, home workout program and a consultation with a trainer for $30! 


We hope you will take this opportunity to gain awareness of your health and take action to becoming a healthier and stronger you.


Schedule your InBody scan today with trainer by texting inbody to 406-253-6762!