Success Stories

James R

When I first met with Ryan and Taylor, I would have to say,  I felt old and tired.  My range of motion, stiffness and energy levels were all headed in the wrong direction.

They immediately tested me for range of motion and imbalances I might have developed over the years.  The results showed me that I needed to get my core tuned up and actually engaged.  

It didn't take long to realize they knew what they were doing.  In a matter of weeks, and a lot of sweat, I began to feel much better.  I was amazed! I began to sleep better, I felt good in the morning, and I had the energy and fitness to get back to enjoying an active life.  Its no longer a struggle to bend over, or get down on the ground and up again.  I feel I still have a ways to go, but Ryan and Taylor have made a world of difference for me.

I feel my time with them has been a great investment in me, and should pay dividends for a long, long time to come.

Nate is a fantastic trainer! Nate personally helped get me on my much needed road to health with more than just challenging (yet well suited) workouts and friendly chatter during them. Nate helped me find health issues that I did not even know existed so that I could bring changes into my diet/daily life to reduce chronic inflammation and get on a path to a better me. I have a long journey ahead but I feel stronger and more ready to take it on and I love that even if I am not actively training with Nate, he still checks in and motivates me to continue down that path.

Danielle M

Words can not express my gratitude toward Ryan and his staff at Engage Fitness. Their non-judgemental and welcoming approach to accepting me into their gym is not intimidating at all. Ryan’s approach to personal training is not merely for exercise but for overall life fitness. Ryan and his staff genuinely care about their clients and their well being. I HIGHLY recommend Engage Fitness.

Rachel M.


I wanted to start working with a personal trainer to get into a routine of going to the gym and

start weight loss. I was nervous before meeting with Nate. I had no idea what to expect. Nate was

professional and made it comfortable right from the start. I really enjoyed that with each new

work out he would explain not only the exercises but also the benefits. He also made sure that I

was doing each exercise correctly.

I worked with Nate for about 8 weeks. By the end my strength had improved, pain that I was

having in my hip and lower back were improving, and I had lost a couple inches as well. I really

enjoyed working with Nate and would recommend him to anyone wanting to work with a

personal trainer.

Ryan is always professional and caring and he watches your workouts very carefully. He listens to what you tell him and is independently continuing his education so he can assist you in the best way possible. He also challenges you to keep improving and working out to your personal best. I feel very comfortable recommending him to you.

Esther B.

Mr and Mrs Blumhardt

I cannot tell you how pleased we are with the work you have done with our son. We have seen so much progress in his physical development since you took him in to your program. During his senior year, he was recognized as All-District in Cross Country and All-District in Track.


But much more important than his physical development and accomplishments, we are thrilled with the growing development of confidence he has in himself as he has learned hard work provides results and great accomplishments. Commitment and dedication are qualities you have instilled in him since he began working with you and I believe you have provided him with one of the most important life lessons a young adult can learn; Nothing in life will come easy, but hard work, dedication and commitment to a task will overcome obstacles and produce results.