Debbie Goodwin

Personal Trainer

Hi. I’m Debbie, and I’m a fitness enthusiast. I grew up in Livingston, Montana practicing tae kwon do, and playing volleyball, but was only a mediocre athlete. When I was 16, my mom got me a gym membership, and that’s when I fell in love with Zumba. Once I graduated, I no longer had a gym membership and took a couple years off from the gym.

After my son was born, I got back in to the gym for mental health. I was the queen of cardio. I would go to the gym late at night for fear of judgment. After gaining confidence, I started going to group fitness classes, and started building muscle. I was short of obsessed.

After a couple months of taking group fitness classes, I was invited by the group fitness coordinator to instruct Zumba. The closest place to get licensed was Portland, Oregon. I took the plunge.

I remember the feeling teaching my first Zumba class gave me. It was so empowering to help people, and to make their day a little bit better. I wanted to make fitness my career. A couple months after I started teaching Zumba, I got certified as a personal trainer. I have found my purpose in helping people on the preventive side of medicine. I am excited to see what the future holds for my fitness journey and helping people live a better life.

Debbie Goodwin
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